December 6, 2019

A TPOL Blogmas | Day 6: Stress-Free Christmas Shopping Tips

Let’s face it. 

At this point in December, everything can be stressful.

While holidays are all of the fun, they can become SERIOUSLY overwhelming. Things can get chaotic & have you screaming for a moment to breathe & recollect. I’ve been there. Totally get it. But, with the right tips & tricks, the entire process can be smooth sailing.

Today, we’re taking about ways to make your holiday shopping a breeze. 

SO, let’s discuss. 

Have a plan.
Before you go anywhere, you need to know who, what, & how much — that is, who you’re shopping for, exactly what you’re getting them, & how much it’s going to cost. This means doing some research prior to, which can save you lots of time. No wandering around stores aimlessly. 

Shop during the day on weekdays.
This helps avoid the craziness of all the after-work & weekend Christmas shoppers. With less traffic, you can really take your time & not have to worry about someone getting in your way, or having to have a heated discussion with the next person about who should have the last gift set. 

Do Secret Santa. 
This year, my job is participating in Secret Santa, & I’m SO excited! It’s a great way to save time & money, because you’re only buying a gift for the person you select. & the best part is no one will be left out! I’m actually doing a post on how this turns out at the office, so be on the lookout!

Shop online & have it delivered. 
Why not avoid the crowds all together? I’ve been a pro at online shopping for a while now, & I can honestly say I don’t regret it. Not having to deal with packed stores & long lines is definitely less stressful. Have it delivered & the farthest you’ll have to go is to your front door.

Stay focused.
Remember that you’re shopping for gifts for others, not for yourself! It’s super easy to get distracted by all the nice merch. Honestly, I’ve done this myself, because sometimes deals are just too good to pass up. It’s okay when kept to a minimum. Just keep in mind why you’re there. 

Scope out sales.
Sales, sales, sales. Embrace them. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that there is nothing like getting a quality item for less. Check your sales first guys. You’ll be surprised at the things you find, & the money you save. 

Okay, that’s all. 

I’m going to go finish MY Christmas shopping now. 

Do you have any methods to avoid stress during this festive season? Share, please!

See you tomorrow!

- L

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