December 25, 2019

A TPOL BLOGMAS | Day 25: Merry Christmas! + Life Update

Let me start off by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I'm so happy it's finally here. Time definitely was NOT in a hurry. I mean, really. The week leading up to today felt like years. Kidding. But you get the point.

HERE WE ARE THOUGH. The best part about today is the joy it brings & the family you're surrounded by. Truly priceless moments. I hope you're creating them!

So, Blogmas did not go as I'd wanted it to. Work has literally been taking over everything. I've barely had time to think. However, trust me when I say I won't stop until I've figured out the best method to finish these types of challenges. It's a work in progress. 

One day, guys. One day. 

Anyway, since I didn't get through the entire month, I'm just going to give you all an overview of everything.


First, let's address the puppy in the room. His name is Jaxx, & he's the new addition to the family. He's a 2 month old rambunctious, playful blue pit pull. Guys. I'm. Obsessed! Having a puppy again just makes my day-to-day all the better. He's the good-est boy & he's growing so fast!

Okay, on to the rest.

December has been super busy with my chaotic schedule & trying to prepare for today. So many important days passed like TPOL'S 2ND BLOGIVERSARY. I'm so elated to have had the pleasure of writing on the internet for two years. It's definitely been an enlightening journey & I look forward to many more years to share with you all!

In case you missed it the first hundred times, being at the office is my entire life these days. That said, my days are all consumed there, with the exception of weekends. This is the perfect time to add that it's so important to make sure you find a healthy balance when they holidays come around. Things can get out of hand & overwhelming really fast. The last thing we need is to lose ourselves in all of the craziness, so be mindful.

The work load was lightened at times, which made it a little easier to find that balance. There were a couple of Christmas parties & the office edition of Secret Santa. When you have a team that genuinely enjoys all of the festive things, Secret Santa becomes the best thing ever. We all love a good gift. 

Speaking of gifts, the ones I received for Christmas this year were nothing short of amazing. The pair of booties from ShoeDazzle are just to die for, & have to be my favorite gift of them all!

Not to brag, but I gave some pretty awesome gifts as well. & it’s not over. This giveaway is STILL HAPPENING guys. Better late than never. 

SO, here are the deets. The entrance will start on INSTAGRAM Friday, January 10th & will end on Sunday January 12th at 11:59pm. You'll have to check it out there to see the prize announcement! I'm SO excited!

Okay, I think that pretty much covers the month. I'm going to go enjoy what's left of this day with Jaxx.

How was your day? How did you celebrate? Any good gifts?? Let me know.

Later, babes.

- L

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