October 3, 2019

Blogtober 3rd: All the Reasons to Love Fall

Fall. It's a sweet time of the year.

There's nothing like it.

& it never gets old. Every year I excitedly anticipate this beautiful change. Once it arrives, the atmosphere feels so familiar, but there's an unforgettable newness about it  something that stands out from the falls passed. I'm so in love with it, & I just have to spread that love, so I'm sharing with you all the reasons to love fall. 

The temperature drops.

Your fall wardrobe surfaces  specifically sweaters & boots. 

Football season starts.

Daylight saving time gives you an extra hour of sleep.

Nature gets a little more beautiful with the vibrant colors.

Comfort foods become the norm.

You can host Halloween parties & Thanksgiving dinners.

The fair awaits you on crisp, cool evenings. 

The extra cozy blankets are pulled out.

Bonfires with friends happen.

You can drink all of the warm drinks.

It's time to start baking.

You can finally light up the fireplace.

Home becomes cozier with all of the fall decor.

Pumpkin patches & corn mazes are waiting to be explored.

All of the new horror films are waiting to be watched. 

Piles of colorful leaves are waiting to be jumped in.

- L

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