July 28, 2019

How to Have the Most Productive Week

Sunday Scaries.

The uninvited anxiety of the upcoming week of never ending to-do's.

Ew. No thanks.

No one needs this ever because it can upset the healthy balance. You know. The getting things done at work & taking care of life at home balance. SS is already interrupting the time for yourself, because you're stressed about work on a Sunday when you should be taking that last day to just relax. & if that isn't enough, when it's not properly dealt with, SS can cause you to go into work stressed & reduce your productivity MAJORLY. This is not a way to live guys.

So today, we are going to discuss how to prevent this & have the most productive week.


Okay, so not may of you know, but I've recently gotten a new job. I transitioned from working in a home with the most chill, stress-free environment to a corporate office that's fast paced, micromanaged, & a little hectic at times. In spite of the drastic change, I love it.

The levels of productivity have been at an all time high, & Sunday Scaries are last year's news. Seriously.

So let's jump right into the steps we all need to take to become our most productive selves during the week.

Plan & make your schedule.
Lots of times our anxiety for the anticipation of a new week is caused by the lack of being prepared for it. A great way to avoid that is to schedule the things you want to get done for the week. You can do this by taking time to make detailed lists & writing your tasks down in your planner.

This directly connects to planning because this is where you decide which tasks are urgent & need to be done this week. You should keep your priority number reasonable -- no more than 7. You don't want too much on your plate. Giving yourself too much to do with not enough time is exactly what causes the stress & why some things just don't get done.

Get started early.
No, I don't mean the week before. That would make all of this pointless. What I'm talking about is waking up earlier to take care of personal matters. I know that doesn't sound appealing to those who aren't morning people. Trust me. I get it. I wasn't a morning person either, but that's slowly changing. & it actually helps. You end up getting more done. 

Start time blocking.
Your time is valuable. Stay on track by time blocking your tasks. Instead of trying to do 10 things at once, which will take you double or triple the time, do 1 task & set a time for it. Once you complete it, then move on to the next thing. You can even get a cute little time cube that will help your process.

Schedule down time.
Do not overload your brain. I can't stress that enough. Many people think that if they work without stopping that they will get things done faster. This is not the case. You can easily burnout quickly & lose motivation or miss something very important. Give yourself time between tasks to regroup. Your brain will thank you sooner rather than later.

Record your progress. 
At the end of every week (Fridays work best), write down everything you planned, finished, & didn't get to & use it to improve your future weeks. You'll be having productive weeks like a pro in no time.

Now, go forth & plan. Be sure to come back & share how the tips helped.

Are you already a planner? Do you do things different? Let me know. I love trying new things!

Later babes.

- L

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