February 6, 2019

Facelogic: My First Facial & Microderm Experience

Okay, so let's talk skin. 

These days, I’m really big on mine being clear & hydrated. The hydration part has always been a task, because my skin stays dry. Finding a product that works WITHOUT clogging my pores with oil was a hit or miss until recently. Seriously, guys. It was a struggle. I'll be sharing those deets in a later post. 

Anyway, I've been blessed, because I've always had clear skin, effortlessly. Acne & breakouts haven't been a problem for me to this day, even back when I wasn't giving my face the attention & care that it deserved. I used all of the hypoallergenic things because of sensitivity, but I didn't take the time to go beyond that. 

Those reasons alone are why, before Saturday, I'd never had a facial & why I barely knew what microdermabrasion was. 

I decided to try it, but I explored my options prior to my Facelogic visit, & here's what I learned.

Turns out, I've been avoiding them for the wrong reasons, because there are options for those of us who are sensitive. Also, the number of different facials to choose from seems endless! All you need to do is figure out what your skin needs, then select the one that specializes in that area. Simple!

Okay, listen. First, this is NOT to be confused with Dermabrasion which is an actual surgical procedure. No, no. We aren't going that far. Microdermabrasion, emphasis on the micro here, is a procedure that's done using a cute little wand that blasts your face with tiny crystals (or diamonds), exfoliating the skin. & get this, at the same time, the wand suctions up the exfoliated particles, leaving you silky & smooth. & before you ask, yes it is PAINLESS!

Now, let's get into how this show went down.

When I arrived, the spa was aesthetically pleasing & super zen with low, calming music. They had all of the products they sell up front, & in the back is where the treatments took place.

I had to fill out some paperwork about my health & skin type. I expected this, seeing that it was my first time there. A short wait later, my esthetician arrived. She lead me through the door to the back, & guys, it felt like I'd landed on another planet. The atmosphere was completely different. Peace & serenity are the only words I can think of to describe it. The lights were really dim & I heard nothing but the sound of the soft music playing.

Each person had their own spacious area closed off with curtains. Inside there was a little table for your belongings & a giant reclining chair. YES, PLEASE. 

After getting prepped I told my esthetician (mad at myself because I can't remember her name) that I'm ready & she came in. She was honestly the sweetest. When I go back, I'm definitely gonna look for her.

First, we discussed my skin type & concerns IN DEPTH which I loved because she took the time to really understand what I needed. After discussing, she examined my face, then turned on this steamer that was right above me in the reclined state. It was nice. I felt like it was prepping my pores for what was about to take place. It stayed on up until the microderm process began.

The first step began with AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser. It was a nice scrub & it smelled heavenly. She cleansed my face twice, using a warm towel after each time to clean the product off.

Next, she moisturized my skin with Restorative Marine Moisturizer. Mmmm, oranges.

I was given the option for extractions & I accepted; because, if we're going to do this, then we're going to do it right. It didn't take long, as my skin was pretty clear. Go me!

Then came the fun part, microderm! She glided the little wand upward, making sure to cover every section. I didn't feel the slightest amount of pain. It actually felt good. The crystals were cold & felt like sand blasting on my face. The mention of how great the procedure was working had me pumped because YAASSS SOFT SKIN!

After all of this, I got an Aloe & Azulene Gel Mask that restored hydration to my skin because the microderm took a lot of it away when it removed all of the particles. While it was setting, she gave me a medium pressure massage & at this point, I'm pretty sure I was half asleep. It was that good. The mask was removed with a warm towel & I was good to go.

She was extra gentle throughout the entire process & she kept her talking to a minimum, being sure her voice was quiet when she did speak. The entire treatment was an hour long, & honestly I wouldn't have been upset if it was longer.

The best part is my skin came out clearer, more hydrated & more glowy than ever! & it was extremely soft! There were no reactions to the products she used, so you can imagine my excitement. Before I left, she took the time to show me more products that will help me. I'm SO looking forward to trying them out.

My advice to you: DEFINITELY GIVE FACIALS & MICRODERM A TRY. Your skin will thank you!

Have you ever had a similar spa treatment? I'd love to hear your experience.

Ciao, babes.

- L

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