December 6, 2018

Blogmas 6th: Stress-Free Christmas Shopping Tips

Let’s all face it. 

At this point, everything can be stressful.

Holidays, while extremely fun, tend to become so overwhelming. Things can get just chaotic & have you like, “Give me a minute to breathe!” Yea, I’ve been there. But, If you’re up to date, I’ve been sharing some tips & tricks to help things run a little more smoothly.

I’m keeping that trend going today, because we’re talking about ways to do your holiday shopping without stress. 

SO. Let’s discuss. 

Have a plan.
Before you go anywhere, you need to know who you’re buying for, exactly what you are getting them, & how much it costs. This means doing some research prior to. It may seem very extra, but trust me, you’ll thank yourself when you realize you didn’t have to spend hours wandering around stores trying to figure out gifts.

Shop on a weekday, during the day.
This helps avoid the craziness of all the after-work Christmas shoppers. & don’t even get me started on the shopping on the weekends. With less traffic, you can really take your time & not have to worry about someone getting in your way or having a heated discussion about who should have the last gift set. 

Do Secret Santa.
This saves TONS of money. My family is participating this year & I am so happy about it! It keeps you (& everyone else) from having to buy a million gifts for the whole crew. Instead, you all draw names & you only buy one gift for that person. & the best part about this is no one gets left out!

Shop online & have it delivered. 
Why not avoid the crowds all together? I’ve been slowly converting to the online shopper ways & I can’t deny that I’m loving it. Not having to deal with the packed stores & long lines is so much easier. & if you’re going to order online, there’s no need to grace the stores with your lovely presence at all. Have it delivered to your home & the farthest you’ll have to go is to your front door. 

Stay focused.
Remember that you’re shopping for gifts, not buying for yourself! It’s really easy to get distracted with all the nice merch when you’re shopping for others. Honestly, I’ve done this myself, & I ended up spending way more than I wanted to. If you see something that you like, make a note or add it to your wishlist for later.

Scope out sales.
Say it with me: sales are your friends. Embrace them. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s to check the clearance section first. You’d be surprised at the things you may find & the money you’ll save.

Okay, that's all. 

I’m going to go finish MY Christmas shopping now. 

Do you have any methods to avoid stress during this festive season? Share, please!

See you tomorrow!

- L

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