December 2, 2018

Blogmas 2nd: 8 Ways to Get into the Christmas Spirit

It's very rare that I have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, just because it's always came natural to me. 

No, really. Like I should be a Christmas child (not that I would trade my birthday or anything.)

However, I know sometimes, for others the "Holly Jolly" feels don't automatically arrive on the first day of December. It takes a little time & effort, especially if you get distracted by the thought of preparing for the big day being more of a task, rather than an enjoyable & exciting experience. But, it's completely understandable how overwhelming it all can be, because, for the third year in a row, the family Christmas party will be at my house. So I get it, trust me.

Still, this holiday is just so magical & special that you shouldn't let anything put a strain on the joy it brings.

Now, let's discuss.

Here are some things that can help you get into the Christmas spirit. 

A Christmas Playlist
What is this holiday without the music? The songs have got to be one of the best features of this time of year. Compile your favorite festive tunes into a playlist & when the time is right, BLAST THEM! Be on the lookout: I'll be sharing my Christmas playlist in a later post!

Decorate Your Home
Decorating just takes me there. You know. The place where all the excitement comes rushing in & all you can do is smile & bounce around. Grab your decorations from the closet & transform your home into a Christmas Wonderland. & no, it is no longer "too early."

Surround Yourself with Family & Friends
There's nothing like the warm, cozy feeling you get when you're with the ones you love most during the holidays. I always look forward to this, because for me, it's what the holiday is all about.

Do Some Deep Breathing
Okay, hear me out. You have your never-ending list of things to do & you're running around, scrambling to keep up. Stopping to just take some deep breaths can help relieve some of those overwhelming feels, thus, allowing calmness & the spirit of Christmas to take their place. You will thank yourself.

& by shopping, I mean retail therapy! If you're one to head to the mall as a way of giving yourself a little boost, then this one is for you. Plus, there's the added bonus: seeing the stores decorated & hearing the music they play can put you right in the festive mood. Win, win. Right?

Watch Christmas Movies
Oh, they never get old! They just give you ALL of the Yuletide feels. Some hot cocoa, your favorite blanket, & the TV makes the perfect recipe for a night of filling your spirits. I'll also be sharing some of my movie favs later!

Go View Decor Around the City
I've always loved to do this! Riding around to see the neighbor's houses so beautifully decorated & even going downtown to see the lights covering everything would have me in awe. It's just so beautiful. It's also good for giving you creative inspiration.

Light Christmas Scented Candles & Relax
Yes, I said relax. I know you have tons to do, but sometimes, just taking an hour or so for yourself can help you function a little better. Functioning better means you can actually enjoy the process. Hello Christmas Spirit! Oh, also. Smelling the Christmassy scents can help you reach the most natural holiday high.

Do you use different methods to lift your holiday spirits? Let me know!

Ciao, babes.

- L

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