October 7, 2018

Blogtober 7th: Behind the Gram


I slept in today because yesterday, I was EXTRA busy. I was going non-stop, & was barely able to keep up. "The edge of exhaustion" is how I recall my description of what I was feeling. But I'm okay now. Well rested & ready to go some more.


I got the idea of doing this type of blog post from Hayley Paige, who got it from another blogger. It was full of humor & she let us in to see a little more of who she is, so of course I just had to do it. A lot happens behind the scenes of a photo that is hidden from everyone else. So, allow me to give you the scoop.

1. This was part of my very first photo shoot for TPOL. I was in Oxford, attending Ole Miss & I'd asked my cousin to be my photographer. It was still warm out, & I knew I was launching my blog soon, so I took advantage of the moment. We went out to the nearby lake. I remember I was walking around like I was trying to avoid a trigger because I had on heels & we were on the pier — the pier that had many LARGE holes in it. Haha. It went really well, although at this point, I was still getting used to being in front of the camera.

2. This was taken spontaneously after I decided I was going to post on Instagram that day, haha.  I was in my lounging clothes, so I felt that it captured the right amount of chill I was going for to describe my day in to do nothing but watch Hallmark. Their first Fall Harvest movie was premiering that night & I got to live tweet with them & all the rest of my fellow Hallmarkies. I made my older cousin watch it with me against her will. She thought the movie wasn't going to be worth her time, but I kid you not, she laughed & went "awww" throughout the whole thing. I'd say she liked it.

3. Back to Oxford. My cousin was still my photographer. This was part of a shoot for my first blog post of December. I was still a little shaky being in front of the camera, so every time a person would walk or drive by, I'd choke up. & at this point, it was BEYOND FREEZING outside, so you can imagine the amount of suffering I went through to get good ones. I could barely hold still. We were on the Square & both my hands & feet were numb. Like, guys, I was seriously concerned I may have gotten frostbite. Haha!! & I'd parked so far away. I remember us literally running back to my car. So, so cold.

4. PSA: I had on slippers. I'd just gotten home from class & I knew I had to get the shoot done before I lost the good natural lighting. My outfit was planned way ahead of time. The shoes that I was supposed to wear were these really cute ankle strap heels. When it was time to put them on, I was like, "They aren't going to see my feet. What's the point?" So I got into my bear shaped slippers instead. These were some of my best photos, if that counts for anything, haha!

5. Okay, I didn't wake up knowing I'd walk out of the salon with a pixie cut. I was in my hometown for the summer. It was a normal day, really. I'd gotten dressed & went to get breakfast, then headed to my appointment. Everything was everything until after she shampooed my hair & told me that it had some damage so it needed to be cut. It took a while to give her the okay, because I did NOT want to cut my hair at all. Of course I didn't have to cut it all off, but if I was going to cut it, then, why not? It wasn't the first time my hair has been this short.

That's all.

Let me know what you think of this type of post. It's different but I like it. I get to show you the realness of these seemingly "just right" photos.

Until tomorrow. ♥

- L

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