October 6, 2018

Blogtober 6th: October Goals

First thing's first.

I'm SO happy that I've made it through the initial week of Blogtober. It's been an amazing experience so far, & I've coasted through it with no obstacles. I'm seriously looking forward to the rest of this month.

Speaking of, I've been blogging for almost a year now & I've learned so much on my journey. I'll admit that it got a little rocky, because my main focus is & always has been getting my education. I was more into putting school first than into trying to find a healthy balance. Finding a balance was risky. It meant the rise of the burning "what if" questions that linger underneath the surface. Questions like, "What if I try giving more time to the blog & fall behind in school?" or, "What if I completely lose focus in both school & the blog? Then what?"

We call this the easy way. & in cases pertaining to me, easy is NEVER the best option. Pushing myself is what I need. 

Committing to this Blogtober challenge has pushed me to find that balance, which is one of the main reasons why I decided to do it. & come to find out, it works! School is great, the blog is great, & I'm not even the least bit stressed. I'm honestly amazed at it all. 

Okay, on to the goals.

Normally, when you see monthly goals from a blogger, they have specific numbers for their blogs, social medias, & things. For a long time, I thought I had to have the same types of goals, too. But that's following the trend & the crowd & just everything that everyone else does. BIG NO. Plus, I truly feel like that tends to put a strain on a person. At some point it starts to feel like more of a chore that is being forced &/or manipulated. & it’s super disheartening when the specifics aren’t reached. 

So my only goal for October is to simply grow — in every area. On the blog & personally. Letting things flow naturally without trying to force them is way less stressful. I'm going to keep working hard, doing what I do best. The rest will come in its own time & I'm okay with that.

Do you have specific goals, or are you allowing things to come naturally? I'd love to know what works for you. Drop a comment below.

Ciao, babes.

- L

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