October 5, 2018

Blogtober 5th: Autumn Weekend Things

Hi loves! Welcome back.

It's Friday — the start of the first official weekend in October. 

I don't know about you, but this month is the epitome of coziness for me. The atmosphere just screams it with the crisp, cool air & the vibrant, warm colors. The fall feels come rushing back every time I think about it. 

I get that we like to be adventurous, but there's nothing like having a weekend in — a good weekend with pure RELAXATION. It does wonders for our bodies & souls. There's a small beauty in it, really. & I've taken the liberty of compiling a list of some of my favorite cozy necessities just for your mini retreat. So put away your car keys & pull out your slippers because we've got ourselves some time inside.

OK, let's get into this, shall we?

The Favorite Blanket
The most important thing is first on the list. Coziness just isn’t complete without it. 

Like the snacks that are so good, it's bad —  but be sure to mix a few healthy ones in there, too. 

Because movies, obviously. Hallmark isn't going to watch itself.

A Good Book
When you've had enough screen time, grab a novel & slip away into a new world. 

Fall-Scented Candles
Pumpkin spice, vanilla bean, apples, leaves — it doesn't get any better.

A Face Mask
There's nothing wrong with a little pampering while you're relaxing.

Bath Robe
Honestly, there was a point in time when I wasn’t in the house without mine on. 

Fuzzy Socks/Slippers
Why not walk on clouds... or the next best thing?

Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Get the mist bottle. That way you can can spray it in the air around you & on your blanket, couch, & whatever else you will be lounging with. Your atmosphere will be calmer than ever.

Drink of Your Choice
We each have our own preferences so I’ll let you choose. Just make sure it’s present & accounted for. 

Now that we've got all of our essentials, here's to the weekend. 

Happy lounging. See you tomorrow!

- L

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