October 21, 2018

Blogtober 21st: The Only Thing I Don't Like about Halloween

Halloween is TOTALLY my thing.

Day of birth, or not. 

There are so many reasons to love it. The decorating, the dressing up, the festivals, the movies & food. You get what I mean. However, the origin of the holiday has always been the most intriguing. 

I know you've seen me call the day by its original name, All Hallows' Eve. It's said to have come from the Gaelic festival of Samhain, marking the end of summer & the beginning of the "dark half" of the year. There was a Celtic belief that on that day, ghosts from the spirit realm would cross over to our world & damage crops. The people would build bonfires, make animal sacrifices, have feasts, & attempt to predict others' futures. Christians would honor saints & pray for souls that haven't made it to heaven yet. 

K, cool. So we can kind of see where the ghosts, crazy animals, fortune tellers & all of the things that have to do with the dead being "among the living" came from. 

But what I still can't figure out is...


How did they get incorporated into Halloween & how do we stop this madness? I cannot stand them. They are terribly intrusive. I mean, think about it. Whether you're watching a movie, at a haunted house, or even at a birthday party, when you see them, they are ALWAYS in someone's personal space, just staring, with that creepy smile.

Like, can you not?

They are unpredictable, too.

Prime example: A few years ago, a group of my friends & I decided to go to a haunted forest that was in town. We all had a little fear, but we were excited. We got out of the car & started to walk across the parking lot all huddled up, because it was so cold. While making our way to the entrance, we noticed clowns literally everywhere, but we were convinced that they wouldn't bother us unless we bothered them.


This one particular clown started to follow us, & every time we looked back, he'd gotten a little closer. BEFORE WE EVEN MADE IT ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE PARKING LOT, this creep had gotten so close to our group that you'd think he was with us. What's worse is, one of my friends was (& still is) terrified of clowns to no end. So you can imagine that when he grabbed her, she took off running. 

He chased her until she was screaming & crying, & he wouldn't stop! We literally had to tell him multiple times to back off. Just, no.

I get it was part of the job, but once someone goes into full blown panic attack mode, something in his brain should have told him to stop before we had to. But then again, maybe he was just crazy. 


Moral of the story: clowns should not be a thing, especially on October 31st.

Is there something you don't like about Halloween? Let me know what it is & why in the comments.

- L

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