October 19, 2018

Blogtober 19th: Dream Job | Then & Now

When you're younger, people tend to love to ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Like are we supposed to have our lives figured out at the age of 7? 

I don't think that's how it works.

But believe it or not, even then, my answer was somewhere in the medical field. I actually wanted to be a veterinarian back then. My love for animals was strong & undying. In fact, it still is. I mean, come on. They are just so precious & smart, & they need special care just like the rest of us. No need for confirmation on this one. I know I'm right. Anyway, my dream of becoming a vet stuck for a long time until I started paying attention to these beautiful creations called babies. This is when I started to reevaluate.

By the time I was in middle school, I was CERTAIN that becoming a pediatrician was for me. & to this day, that hasn't changed. I'm happily pursing my dream. I'm currently in school as a Biology Pre-Med major & my next step is medical school. Things couldn't be better. 

Children are remarkable & I believe becoming a doctor for them is so rewarding. Other than of course caring for them & helping to make them better when they're sick, I get to watch my patients grow up & see all the great things they will do. Also, it's easier to deal with moms & dads as parents than as patients, just being honest. 

I love the path I'm on.

However, I'll admit that I did have what I like to call a beginning life crisis (I'm still young, so I have a while before I reach the mid-life stage). It wasn't too long ago, either. I was wondering if I'd made the right decision by pursuing medicine. 

Let me explain.

When I was in high school, I started dancing & developed a SERIOUS passion for it. It's all I ever thought about, & I was truly in my element the moment I stepped onto the dance floor. I even went as far as preparing an audition for a performing arts school, but I decided against it because, well.. children. 

K, so back to a little while ago. I really started to ponder where I'd be had I taken the dance route instead. It wasn't until I randomly checked & realized that I STILL met the requirements for one of the top performing arts schools in America, that I had mini melt down. I kept questioning myself & thinking maybe I should pursue dancing. I mean, it was my passion after all. But, after some time to myself to think, I realized that my heart is still with bettering the young ones. So, I let it go. 

But not completely. I never stopped dancing & I won't stop until my body can no longer handle it. 

I'll just be doing it between days at the clinic. :) 

What was your dream job? Do you still have the same goal or are you into something else?

Bye loves.

- L

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