October 9, 2019

Blogtober 9th: My Favorite Blogs to Follow

I've always loved following blogs, not only because I have a thing for reading, but also because I truly enjoy the content that is created & shared. & now that I'm a blogger myself, I'm almost always finding time to check out blogs from the community. Whether it be someone new to the industry or someone who's been blogging for years, it's always so fun to see others' thoughts & opinions.

So, I'm sharing with you blogs that I read regularly before I started blogging. I've been following them for so long, it almost feels like I know them personally. Special, right?

Now, these definitely aren't my ONLY favs, but I decided to pick a first few from my list. They are in no particular order.

Hayley Paige
This blog is one of the firsts that I started following. Hayley, the writer, shares her life & experiences with us & it's just so magical. She doesn't fabricate anything  what you see is what you get, & she's not afraid to say so. I love that about her.

Paris in Four Months
Talk about beautiful photography. This blog is simply inspiration for me. It was born from Carin moving to Paris for exactly four months to learn the language. After going back home, she ended up moving back to Paris for good. Her photos are seriously breathtaking. I'd love to learn photography skills from her.

Damsel In Dior
Jacey makes blogging look so chic. This is a lifestyle blog that I read simply because I love her content. She does share a ton of tips & inspo for your daily lives.

A Beautiful Mess
DIY inspo all the way! ABM is a blog ran by sisters Elsie & Emma. They share decor inspo, projects, & recipes. They both have such great style & reading their content keeps me inspired.

A Pair & A Spare
This blog covers just about everything! It's fashion & lifestyle with a sprinkle of DIY & traveling. The blog gives off a very chill vibe & I love all the tips she gives for those who have creative minds.

Do you have a favorite blog that you've been following? Do share. I'd love to check them out.

- L

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