October 4, 2019

Blogtober 4th: Halloween decor? Yes, please.

Hello beautiful people.

Today we're talking about Halloween decor for your home.

Let's discuss.

I know that there are many who don't really care to decorate their humble abodes for All Hallow's Eve. Some candy corn & a good horror film is enough to satisfy them. & that's totally okay. But, for those of you who do, I'm here to sprinkle you with a little decor inspiration. 

Tiny White Pumpkins
Okay, pumpkins are obvious, but can we break the norm? The orange pumpkins are super traditional &, I have nothing against them, however; I've recently started to love the little white ones. They are perfect if you're going for a brighter Halloween look.

A space filler, for sure. You can toss some over the fireplace, on your coffee table, down your entry way, on your door — anywhere, really.

A Witch Cauldron with Legs
Anything that involves the bottom half of a witch hanging out is just TOO cute! The cauldron can be the perfect centerpiece that pulls your entire look together. 

Halloween Pillows
Let's include the sofa in our decorations, shall we? Typically, it's looked over, but how fun would it be to add some festiveness to your relaxation?!

Dogs, cats, people, mermaids, bats. All of the skeletal creatures can just chill around your living room.

I find that the candles with dripping wax tend to give the spookiest feels. You can place them anywhere with a flat surface.

Crows & Vultures 
We see them in a lot of the horror films, so they will fit right in. You can put them around your entry way outside of your house.

These are perfect if you're hosting a Halloween party. Instead of having your guests drink out of regular glasses, hand them a goblet of green punch for an added effect.

They can be inside, outside, or both. Nothing says Halloween like the typical "RIP" lingering around.

A Black Cat
All you need is ONE that's very visible to give your guests that sinking superstitious feeling.

Honestly, I could go on forever with this list, but that would take a while. So I'll stop here. The good thing is, all of these items & more can be found at my favorite home decor store, & they are super affordable.

I can't wait to spruce up my place!

Are you decorating for Halloween? If so, what's your color scheme?

Later babes.

- L

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