June 16, 2018

Summertime Realness

Hey peeps! Happy summer.

That's right, school's out. I'm free.

It's time to shift my focus. When school was in, my workload demanded pretty much all of my attention. I was sad about not being able to tend to the blog like I really wanted to, but school is important, & you gotta do what you gotta do, right? 

So, with summer comes the chance for more traveling, more experiences, & more to share! I'm so excited. Really. While all the fun things are happening, I'm going to also allow myself the time during this break to detox. From EVERYTHING.

There are many times that we get so busy & consumed in everything that goes on in our daily lives that we rarely ever make time to release some of that stress & tension that has been building up. We take really hard hits, whatever that may mean for you, but we never make the time to process & work through it, ya know?

So, here's to detoxing. *raises virtual glass*

Moving on. Let's get real for a second. K?

There are some things that I've dealt with in the past few weeks that I just need to talk about. I won't go into detail just yet but I'm gonna glaze over the morals of it all because, well, it's important.

Occasionally, you may find yourself in situations with people who don't quite treat you right. Maybe it's unintentional or maybe it's because they are selfish & think you are naive & that they can take advantage. Not okay. I've realized more times than not that the situations I end up in are because I'm underestimated, & I know a lot of it has to do with my young age. Unfortunately, because of the nice person that I am, I've allowed it over & over again. However, the decision has been made -- that will no longer be acceptable.

Mind you, it took a little extra push to get me to that point from a constant individual in my life ♥. There's nothing wrong with having someone to be there for you. In some cases, it can even be necessary. For me, it is. I won't paint that perfect picture. I do NOT have it all together. I'm far from it. Trust me.

This lovely individual told me multiple times that I should not deal with a lot of things that I deal with. She told me that I deserve better. That it was just not okay. She told me until I finally got it. So here I am, applying what has practically been drilled into my brain.

& I'll share that same message with you.


You deserve better. Your kindness is not weakness. Let that be seen. Let it be known.

The moment I decided enough was enough, I started to feel stronger. It helped in ways that I didn't imagine it would. You can have that, too.

Start here. Start now.

Let me know how it goes for you. I'd love to know.

Okay, I'm done for now.

Later, babes.

- L

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