April 12, 2018

A Girls' Night In with WEYV

Hi. Hello. What's up?

What's been going on with you guys?

For me, it's been nothing but school. I've been managing it well; however, as you can imagine, that does not mean it is completely stress-free. Luckily, as an ambassador for The Newsette I've been introduced to WEYV -- my perfect way to unwind at the end of the day.

(Photos from WEYV app)

WEYV is an ad-free subscription-based app that has BOTH music & magazines. It allows you to listen to your jams WHILE you browse through your favorite mags. It's so much easier to have them both in one space, instead of going through the hassle of switching between apps a million & one times when you're ready to change songs (me).

I shared the news with my cousin, & we decided to have a girls' night in with nothing but the app. So relaxing.

This app is so great with it's many features. No, really. Let me explain.

  • You can listen to your favorite music on demand & read simultaneously. 
  • It's family-friendly by being COPPA complaint, so your kids can join in on the fun too.
  • It's completely customizable: you can create your stations & playlists to fit YOU.
  • You can share & collab with family & friends (up to 25 people).
  • You can download your music & mags for offline accessibility.
  • The ABSOLUTE BEST part about this app is every time you listen to a song, a charitable donation is made.  
I was immediately won over when I found out that they make donations. I mean, how awesome & super considerate of them. Am I right?


You guys CANNOT pass this up. Seriously. WEYV is the way to go. I'll even leave you a code here to get a 2 month subscription for FREE (no credit card required): MAKEWEYVS18.

Give it a try. & let me know in the comments which mags you're adding to your reading list.

Chao, babes.

- L

This is a partnered post but all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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