January 26, 2018

Recently: Back to School

*cue the school bells*

It's been a while but class is back in session, guys.

First, can we just talk about how real this quote is? I mean, knowledge & education is so important, especially in this day & age. With all the advancing & evolving taking place in the work sphere, you're doing yourself a huge favor by educating yourself. & aside from that, it's just good to be in the know, you know?


Spring semester has arrived & I'm back at Ole Miss. In my younger days, I never thought I'd find myself EVER saying this but I really missed school. Being home for the holidays was great, I'll admit. I had a blast. But after being home for so long, I was ready to get back to my world.

I'm so excited & proud to have made it this far in school. I'm getting closer to my goals & I'm LOVING it. Don't get me wrong, I still have a long way to go (med school, that is), but I'm working on it. & I'm gonna get there. Believe me.

Along with various other things, this semester brings the second best season of the year (I'm a fall baby), spring. It's great in it's own way; not only because of the extraordinary spring break we all hope to have, but also because of light & airy fashion. I get to put away all the big coats & sweaters for a few months & pull out the tank tops & shorts. I say this with wishful thinking because there is a very likely chance that there may be a chilly spring in the forecast. I hope not. *cringe*

It's also the perfect time to feed into the cravings of my wanderlust. Traveling to new places & exploring is so exciting & I'm looking forward to hitting the road, or the air, pretty soon!

Meanwhile I'll be here doing school & getting into a new book. Reading is SO my thing.

What's going on with you guys? School? Traveling? Any new books? I'd love to know!

Later, babes.

- L

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