December 11, 2017

L Insider: Tall & Slim

It's a blessing & a curse- being naturally tall & slim that is.

I have long legs, a long torso, & I'm just barely a size 5.

No, I am not bragging.

Don't get me wrong, my size & height has it's pros when it comes to reaching for something up high or fitting into a small space. However, shopping for clothes can be a serious pain. I have to find stores that have clothes that are long enough for me while still fitting properly. The majority of the time, the problem is either the clothes fit but they're too short or they are long enough but they're too big.

After a childhood of endless alterations, I eventually grew tired & said enough is enough. I decided to find some stores and companies that carried exactly what I needed. Of course, with the small city I'm from, there aren't many stores that have clothing that fit the criteria of tall & slim so I had to expand my search to online shops.

In my search I found a few really good stores that had clothes just for people like me & more, so of course I had to try them. I fell in love, & I thought I'd share them with you all.
Loft has to be one of my favorite stores in Oxford. They have such nice clothes & the prices are pretty reasonable. I have to take a trip there at least every two weeks to see what new things they've gotten.

I discovered this site through my Tailor stylist. I didn't even know it existed. What made me try asos is my stylist informed me that it's a great company & they are good on customer service! No one likes to order from a company who goes missing in action if there is an issue with the order.

I remember when I used to live in this store. As a teenager I remember it being the ONLY place I could buy clothes from & wear them without the hassle of getting alterations. To this day, this store still has not failed me yet.

This store is another favorite of mine. The clothes are so stylish & they give a real confidence boost. Add that to the fact that they fit me perfectly & it's a no-brainer.

I came to love NY&C by way of my mom. She would always have really nice clothes that were super long on her (she's tall too) & I just had to know where she was getting them. I tried it for myself & at first I was a little nervous because I am small & the clothes did not seem like they would fit me but they did! I do not regret giving it a try.

So, you see, no one has to live a life of alterations. There are stores & companies out there for all shapes & sizes. Doing some in-depth research should get you just what you are looking for.

What are some of your favorites stores? I'd love to check them out.

- L

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